Who We Are

We seek to be the purchaser of choice for owners, entrepreneurs, and management teams by conducting our business according to the values below. We seek managers (and employees) who share our commitment to these values:


We conduct our activities with the highest integrity, honesty, and transparency. We meet our commitments and we do what we say. 


We are driven to work harder and smarter than our competition to build companies of lasting value. 


We invest in people. We acknowledge and reward the contribution of others. Our management partners have day-to-day responsibility for running the business while we provide strategic, operational, and financial assistance to build a more successful enterprise.


We recognize every situation is unique. We approach every transaction with the flexibility to meet shareholder’s objectives, and we structure transactions to address the needs of all stakeholders – current owners, employees, customers, and suppliers. We believe in conservative capital structures, as financial leverage should never limit a company's ability to grow.

Our Approach

We know that success is based on the strength of our relationships. We build our relationships based on integrity, teamwork, candid communication, trust, and mutual respect.

We are fundamentally growth investors, not financial engineers. We target companies that we believe we can improve with a dedicated focus on growing revenue, containing costs, leveraging technology, optimizing invested capital, and taking care of our people (both our employees and our customers!).

Although we typically find capable and committed management teams, experience has shown us that the leadership of smaller businesses is often incomplete. We eagerly accept the challenge of these situations and work with the existing team to identify, recruit, and retain skilled professionals to build out each management team.

Regardless of the situation, operational control resides with our managing partners. Our involvement as hands on investors enables us to contribute and add value in a number of areas where we have significant experience:


Sharing best practices and lessons learned from our prior investments, management experience, and relationships with other successful business leaders.

Capital Structure / Financing

Leveraging our extensive relationships with our capital providers to implement a capital structure that is consistent with the company’s growth plans.

Business Growth Strategies

Assisting in developing, analyzing, and implementing strategies to drive growth and operational efficiencies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Assisting in identifying, negotiating, and consummating follow-on acquisitions.

Human Capital Development

Recruiting, developing, and retaining additional management resources and effective board members.

Exit Strategy

We invest assuming we will own each business forever. We position and prepare our holdings for an eventual transition of ownership, but our preference is to own them long term.