West End Holdings

West End Holdings is a private equity partnership focused on acquiring non-strategic assets that are under-nourished from either a capital or leadership perspective.  We are more than a traditional private equity or buyout fund, as our partners take senior leadership roles, alongside existing management, in each of our portfolio holdings. 

What We Do

We solve problems for owners by acquiring their non-strategic, under-performing businesses – those that require more management attention and financial commitment than is currently available.  Divested of these assets, our sellers are able to improve overall financial performance by returning 100% of their focus back to their core business. 

We are opportunistic in our approach, and have a proven track record of (i) acquiring under-performing assets, (ii) improving their operating and financial performance, and (iii) ultimately selling them to strategic buyers.  We create long term value, evidenced by the fact that all of our Prior Holdings are more valuable assets today than when we sold them.

We are currently seeking under performing businesses to acquire and operate for the long term.  We are targeting businesses with revenues between $5 million and $50 million that are “EBITDA-challenged" across a wide range of industries. 

We are in position to close transactions quickly.  We welcome all conversations.  And we provide immediate feedback on whether or not we can solve a problem for a current owner.

If you know of an asset that might fit, please Contact Us.